About tru halo

tru halo is an online marketplace that simplifies the process for wellness experts to recommend products to their online community & clients, and their community to discover & shop their recommendations.

On tru halo you will find a wide variety of wellness experts making recommendations for the different lifestyles they believe in. We don’t determine what is healthy or not, we leave that to the experts. However, unlike other sites, you will only find verified experts making recommendations.

Our Story

tru halo was conceived from a repeating conversation from the 2 founders. Lauren Talbot is a holistic nutritionist, author, and blogger. Lee, her brother, a workaholic always striving and struggling to live a little healthier.

Lee would call up lauren and ask her what she would recommend for his latest healthy initiative, Lauren would make some suggestions, and then Lee would go off to find the suggestions, contacting Lauren several times along the way.

These were conversations Lauren had daily with family, clients, and her blog community. As we shared this with other experts, we found Lauren was not alone. This happened to all experts, from nutritionists & dietitians, personal trainers & yoga instructors, to authors & passionate bloggers.

After struggling to find a solution, Lee & Lauren decided to build one, and tru halo was born.

We Believe

We strongly believe that an expert is their own brand. They work hard, accumulate an invaluable expertise, and constantly motivate, inspire, and educate their community through their blogs, social media channels, and consultations.

We believe every person is different and unique. There is no one size fits all. Everyone has their own goal of the lifestyle they want to live.

Our Mission

tru halo’s mission is to help experts empower their online communities to achieve and live the lifestyles they desire.

We promise to never stand still and continuously innovate.

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